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Fellowship Bible Church

Welcome to Fellowship Bible Church

When we say "church" we mean people, because that's what the church is - God's people.  So, welcome to a collection of people from all walks of life and a diversity of backgrounds who are united by faith in Jesus Christ and an allegiance to His Word.  Welcome to a chorus of people who are eager to worship God together in praise and prayer.  Welcome to a family of people who are aware of their weaknesses and need, and as a result are urging each other to love and obey Christ through authentic relationships.  Welcome to a band of ordinary people who are learning to joyfully give of their time and resources to serve the lost and hurting people of the Brandon and Tampa Bay Area as well as the world. Welcome to a place of people where we feel at home.  We hope you will too.  We pray that the ministries we offer will aid you in feeling a part of us and facilitate your participation with your spiritual gifts as you grow in Christ.

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Sunday Schedule

Sunday Schools - 9:00 AM
Sunday Worship Service - 10:30 AM


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